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Shotguns To Look For At Auction

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022
shotguns to look for at auction

It can sometimes be hard to find an auction that has reliable guns for sale. This is where research comes in! When going into an auction, you should know exactly what you’re looking for. This will give you the best chance of finding a gun that works for you. 

Rock Island Armory VR80

The Rock Island Armory VR80, which was released in 2019, was the hottest semi-automatic seller in the shotgun market that year, which is intriguing on multiple levels. First, major shotgun manufacturers such as Mossberg and Remington have had heavy-hitters in the semi-automatic category for years, so this newcomer’s domination is striking. Second, while the VR80 has some unique cosmetic and ergonomic features, it’s still an AR-style, 12-gauge, box-magazine-fed shotgun, which isn’t exactly a novel notion in the firearms market. Is it possible that the AR-15’s popularity is spilling over into the shotgun market? We’ll have to wait and see.

Mossberg 590

While the VR80 is an unexpected addition to our list of best-selling semi-automatics, the top seller for pump-action shotguns is not. Mossberg has long been a strong competitor in the pump-action shotgun business, with its 500 series of guns offering a wide range of options. The 590 is distinguished from the 500 series shotguns by its more robust build, which is meant to withstand the abuse faced by military and law enforcement personnel in the field. The 590 series includes several versions with increased tube-magazine capacity and various furniture and lighting choices. For Mossberg’s 100th anniversary in 2019, the company even released a conventional, wood-stocked Retrograde variant for the purists.

Stevens 301

There are enough budget-priced, single-shot shotguns floating about in gun shops to fill many hands, and even models that are no longer produced, such as the CVA Scout 12-gauge or the Springfield 944 Series originally produced by Savage Arms, continue to dominate the sales realm. The Stevens 301 Single Shot is now the best-selling model that is still being produced in factory-new condition. The external hammer, synthetic stock, soft recoil pad, and adjustable choke tubes distinguish this no-frills break-action scattergun. Savage Arms has limited this offering to three popular calibers: 12-gauge, 20-gauge, and.410-Bore, to keep it affordable and easy.

All American

Trapshooting is a hugely popular sport in the United States, and scholastic trap shooting has exploded in popularity. CZ-USA provides the All American, a CNC-machined shotgun with a variety of adjustable features, to meet this expanding demand. Shooters can modify the shotgun’s stock to their body shape using the four-way comb, and the adjustable butt plate provides for the cast, toe, and length-of-pull adjustments. The All-American is unique in that the bottom barrel fires first, resulting in decreased recoil due to the lower bore axis. Shooters will benefit from the reduced muzzle ascent, which will allow them to fire a second shot swiftly and accurately. The All-American is handcrafted in Turkey by Akkar and includes exquisite Turkish walnut furniture.

There’s nothing like a side-by-side coach gun when it comes to a traditional shotgun design. These shorter double-barrels traveled with stagecoaches moving west more than a century ago, giving a powerful defensive blast that fended off bandits. The phrase “riding shotgun” comes from this, and the side-by-side coach gun has stayed at the forefront of the shotgun world ever since. Many modern side-by-sides are high-end, custom-made firearms that are out of reach for the ordinary American shooter. Stoeger imports these short-barreled alternatives from Turkey to address this issue.

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