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How to Bid

It’s Easy to Buy at a High Plains Auction

All High Plains auctions are open to the public. We suggest you check the online catalog for items that you may be interested in. The day of the sale, you should arrive early so you can register to bid and take some time to check out items in person

All items are organized in a logical fashion for easy viewing and comparison. We are happy to make any service records and manuals that we have on hand available to you. Plus, you can immediately take your item home with you after it’s been paid for.

Can’t make it to the auction?

Some High Plains auctions will be available for live, real-time bidding over the Internet via Proxibid. You can get to those by using the “Upcoming Auctions” at the top. You can see an image of the equipment as it sells, hear the auctioneer call out bids and place your bids over the Internet, live and in real-time. New to online bidding? You also have the option of calling us before an auction and placing a telephone bid.

What do I need to do to bid at an auction?

Before bidding, we ask you to register. Registration starts the morning of the auction. When registering, you will be asked for a piece of photograph identification, such as a driver’s license or other ID. If you plan on buy a major piece of equipment and are not already on our mailing list, you may need to supply a letter of credit or bank guarantee – check with our office before heading to the auction.

Auction Time!

Please note that start times may vary – you can find the start time of all our sales by clicking on the auction date link on the home page.
When the auction is underway, the auctioneer announces the item being sold and offers an ask price. If he does not receive a bid at this price, he will drop the price until someone starts the bidding.

One of our bid catchers, standing in front of the crowd, will relay the bid to the auctioneer.

Bidding continues until no more bids are offered. The auctioneer will then announce the lot as SOLD, and the process starts over again on the next item.

I’ve Bought Something – Now What?

When you’ve finished bidding for the auction, you can proceed to the checkout (usually in our mobile office) and will receive an invoice listing all your purchases. Payment must be made the day of the auction.

Payment information can be found for any sale in the Terms and Conditions information which can be accessed online by choosing the auction link from the home page for the auction you are interested in and following the ‘Term & Conditions’ link on that auction page.

Once you’ve paid for your purchases in full, you may collect your equipment and put it straight to work! All items should be removed from the auction site within 2 weeks unless you made other arrangements It’s always a good idea to come to the auction prepared to take your items home. Loading assistance is always provided the day of the auction and sometimes the day after if the sale is large.

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