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How To Tell If Your Antiques Are Authentic

Thursday, April 15th, 2021
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When it comes to buying or selling antiques, it is important to determine whether or not the piece is authentic. This can help with the pricing of the item. There are many ways to help you examine your antique and determine if it is authentic or not. This article will help you find signs of authenticity. 

Signs of aging

Some pieces will have significant signs of aging. Depending on the amount of wear on the piece, it may have been restored. Restoration on antiques doesn’t always mean that it is worthless, if it is done right then it can add value to the antique. Some items might have slight discoloration or rust from being so old. The hardware on some pieces might also have some discoloration. Antiques that have been restored might have consistent signs of “aging”. Authentic antiques, on the other hand, will have different stages of wear and tear and the signs of aging will not all be alike. The aging will be unique to the piece and the actual age of the item. 


When it comes to determining the authenticity of an antique, the history of the piece is important. This can tell you many things about the artist or maker and when it was made. This can also help you find out if the piece is rare and unique. There are a lot of replicas that people will try to pass off as the real thing, which is why the history of items is important to the piece. 


Researching your antique is very important. This can help determine the age or if the piece is rare. This can also help you find out how many owners have had this antique in their possession. You can also find out how much restoration has been done to the piece. The less restoration, the more that the item may be worth. 

You can also use a blacklight to test your pieces. This can help you test things anywhere from works of art to porcelain. 

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