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The Advantages Of Farm Equipment Auctions

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Today as always, farmers are doing the work that keeps our country moving forward. Over the years farming has evolved forcing changes in techniques, crops, and equipment. Farm equipment auctions are a cost effective, fast and efficient means to dispose of excess equipment. By gathering pre-qualified bidders, farm equipment auctions place unneeded equipment in a competitive arena for serious buyers.

Cost effective.

Farm equipment auctions are a fast, easy, and cost-effective solution to liquidate excess inventory. Not only does the sale of your farm equipment take place at a designated time, but you are guaranteed to be selling to a crowd of buyers who are interested in your farm equipment.

Simple and efficient.

Selling pieces individually via private treaty sales is time consuming and exhausting. Conversely, selling everything at a farm equipment auction is much simpler and frees up your time to focus on farming, not selling used equipment.

Allows you to combine items.

An auctioneer may combine your equipment with the equipment of other farmer’s into one sale, thereby increasing the number of items available. Whether you have a single piece of equipment or several, combining items gives everyone involved better exposure. More equipment for sale generates more interest in a farm equipment auction. Buyers may come to the auction to buy one piece, then discover another piece that is of value to them as well.

No financial risk


Bidders that attend a farm equipment auction have already been pre-qualified to make their purchases. Pre-qualification will reduce your stress and ensures prompt payment.

Not just browsing.

Buyers attending farm equipment auctions are not there to just look around. They are there to make a purchase. You know everyone in attendance at a farm equipment auction is an interested buyer there to purchase specific farm equipment.

Competition means higher prices.

Simple supply and demand economics insures that a single piece of equipment bid on by several interested buyers will result in a higher selling price. Competition creates excitement and the thrill of winning often increases bids.

Do you have farm equipment you need to sell? Contact High Plains Auctioneers by calling (806) 244-6776 and we will be happy to discuss our services with you. Whether you have tractors, hay equipment, combines, or plows, we can help you liquidate your excess inventory so that you can focus on managing your farm. We also invite you to attend one of our upcoming auctions so that you can see just how smooth, efficient, and effective the auctions we host truly are. For more information, send us an email on Contact Us.