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Some Of The Most Expensive Firearms Sold At Auction In 2017

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018
Antique gun auctions in texas

Gun auctions are ideal if you are looking for antique, rare collector, or modern firearms. Auction houses who deal with the sale of firearms often look for guns that are part of a collection or single inherited guns. You can find some of the most historic and rare firearms for sale at gun auctions, such as the one held by Rock Island Auction Company in 2017. The following are some of the most expensive guns at that auction.

New Orleans Arms Company Master Engraved Cased Set

This Master Engraved Cased Set sold at auction for $74,750. It consisted of two Colt Single Action Army revolvers, a Bowie knife, and several accessories. The items in this case are engraved and have an inlay of gold.

Also sold in this lot for the same price was the Colt Pocket Model Paterson Number 1. It was manufactured in 1840 by John Ehlers and was known as the Baby Paterson. This pocket revolver is a .28 caliber percussion with a barrel length at 2 9/16 inches.

Another item in this lot also with a $74,750 price was the Factory Engraved Winchester Model 42 Shotgun. It was sold with a second set of magazine/barrel assembly and chambered in .410 bore with 28-inch barrels. One barrel is chambered for three-inch shells and the other for two-inch shells.

The fourth item in this lot was the Thompson Model 1921/1928 Submachine Gun. The Colt Company manufactured approximately 15,000 of these guns, so it was a good item to buy at a gun auction. The gun was a 1921 model, but was converted to a 1928 model and is a fully automatic transferable firearm.

Holland and Holland Royal Deluxe Side by Side Shotgun

Selling for $115,000 was a pair of Holland & Holland Royal Deluxe Side by Side shotguns, which are engraved by Philippe Grifnee. The theme of the engraving is the Goddess of the Hunt. Both of these shotguns are twelve gauge and were sold with accessories and the case.

Winchester Deluxe Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle

Well-known firearms can often be found at gun auctions. The Winchester Deluxe Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle sold at auction for $207,000. John Ulrich, master engraver, performed the intricate work on this rifle, which was on display for 15 years at the Winchester factory. This rifle was a showpiece that traveled to many exhibitions throughout the United States.

Singer Manufacturing Company Model 1911A1 Semi-Automatic Pistol

The Semi-Automatic Pistol Model 1911A1 manufactured by the Singer Company has set a world record as the most expensive Singer model sold at a gun auction. It sold for $414,000. There are rumors this pistol could hold the record for the most costly WW2 firearm sold at an auction as well. The condition of this particular pistol was “excellent.”

Samuel Colt Presentation Colt Model 1862 Police Percussion Revolver

This 1861 revolver sold at auction for $460,000 and was personally presented by Samuel Colt to Major Charles Traintor Baker. Samuel Colt gifted specially engraved revolvers to many of his business associates, friends, and military and government officials. He had these revolvers inscribed and engraved. This revolver is perhaps one of the last he presented himself.

Winchester Model 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine

This Winchester rifle was manufactured in 1889 and sold at auction for $69,000. It was a unique order rifle and came accompanied with a letter from Cody Firearms Museum. It has a 20-inch barrel and is chambered in .44 WCF.

Winchester 1873 ‘One of One Thousand’ First Model

The ‘One of One Thousand’ Winchester rifle is a scarce item. This rifle is valued highly by collectors with its 4x grade walnut furniture and octagon half barrel. It sold for $448,000 at this gun auction.

Holland and Holland Royal Deluxe Over and Under Shotgun

This shotgun has been engraved over and under by master engraver, Philippe Grifnee. This Holland and Holland rifle was specially made for American publisher Robert E. Petersen and sold for $172,500.

Buying firearms at gun auctions

If you are looking at attending a gun auction, it is important to research what is being sold first. Even if the firearms are not as high-profile as the ones listed here, knowing their value and condition will help you get a great deal. You can usually view firearms before they are sold, or look at online catalogs to be sure of what you are bidding for. You should also become familiar with the auction house’s rules and set a budget before attending a gun auction.

Gun auctions in the Texas Panhandle

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