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How To Find Treasures At An Auction

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Many people love to rummage through the histories of others to find what treasures they are parting with. The hope of finding something valuable is what keeps those people searching through garage sales and thrift stores. Another place to look for treasures is at an auction. To find a valuable item, you need to be in the right place at the right time and know how to place the right bid. Locating the treasures, knowing their value, and knowing how to spot them at an auction is also important.

Locating the possible treasures

You can use the internet to research upcoming auctions and find out what type interests you. Looking at the general theme of each auction should give you an idea of whether you will find something you like. Most auction websites also provide a catalog of items that will be sold, which can help you find potential treasures before auction day.

Knowing the value of treasures

If you find an item you want that is going up for auction, research the value before you get caught in a bidding war. When you know what you can afford to bid, you will know whether the bid price still makes it a treasure or a financial liability. Some people purchase treasures no matter what the cost, but for others, it is not worth the financial sacrifice.

Spotting treasures at an auction

Sometimes, people like to go out to an auction or flea market to see if they can find treasures. Often times, bidders attend auctions with no real idea of what they are looking for. The common hope is that something you buy at a bargain will actually end up being something valuable. Experts say it takes both effort and education to find this type of treasure, however.

Knowing the difference between trash and treasure is where research and preparation will come in. If you see antique Japanese pottery, you will need knowledge of the antiques world to know if it is a treasure. Rare books can also be valuable, especially if the dust jacket is in good condition. If you find a beer stein with a lithograph on the bottom, it will most likely be a collector’s item. Also, any old toy in good condition should be bid on as it will definitely have some value. You should also look for old furniture, vintage clothing, and art, although these items should be thoroughly researched before an auction.

Understanding what treasure can be found at an auction is the first step to starting any collection. If you are interested in finding treasures at an auction, contact High Plains Auctioneers today at (806) 244-6776. You can also Contact Us by email and view our upcoming auctions to see what we have available.