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What To Know Before Selling Antiques At An Estate Auction

Friday, August 23rd, 2019
bidding at an estate auction

If you are in a situation where you must sell items from an estate, it can be difficult. For those who have experienced a loss, it can be even more difficult. Estate auctions are an efficient way to get the most out of the items you are selling, especially if they are antiques.

Get to know your antiques before an auction

The term antique is used broadly by many to mean items that are old or worn out. But, in order for something to be considered a true antique, it must be at least 100 years old. This means that if your furniture isn’t 100 years old, you cannot label it as an antique in the auction catalog. But, just because something isn’t that old doesn’t mean it isn’t worth money. Auctioneers will look at many factors when helping decide a value including the designer, the appearance, the condition, and any cultural importance.

So how can you know the value of the items you have? Start by doing some research online. Sites like eBay and Live Auctioneers are great resources for finding the value of antiques and collectibles. When you join websites like these, you can see what past auctions have gone for. Try to look at sold values more than current prices.

You have options for selling your antiques

Most people who are selling an estate liquidate the items, but some sell only a few things. There are many ways that you can sell estate items, including in an estate sale and in a private listing online. Both of these methods require a lot of work including organizing, pricing, purchasing materials, selling, and even shipping. With an estate auction, the auctioneer will handle most of this process and the staff at the auction house can do the rest. You will be included in the process, but you will not have to run the entire sale.

You can consign your estate items through an auction house

When you consign antiques and collectibles with an auction house, they will store, market, and sell them for you. Before you choose this option, make sure you know the price for each item, how much the fees will be, and how much you will get. If you have gently used, new items, a consignment store is a great option for selling them. For older items, antiques, art, and collectibles, a consignment auction is your best option.

Choosing an auction house to sell your antiques

Once you have chosen your preferred method of selling your estate items, you will need to find the right auction house. Start by asking friends and family if they know of any reputable auctioneers. You can also search online to find local auction companies in your area.

Be sure to check out reviews and ratings for each auction house. Find out how long they have been in business and see if you can find out about past auctions. Be sure to call the auction houses to speak with someone about any concerns you may have.

Estate and antique auctions in Texas

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