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What Makes Someone A Good Auctioneer?

Friday, January 29th, 2021
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There are many characteristics that make a good auctioneer. It’s not something that can always come naturally, a lot of times it takes some practice. Here are the most popular qualities that auctioneers exhibit.

Have confidence

It is important for an auctioneer to speak with a confident voice when in front of an audience. It’s hard for people to understand or bid on items when the person is mumbling or soft spoken. In turn, this can cause the audience to hold back their bids. The auctioneer needs to show confidence, this helps prove that they are in control. This helps the audience to really be interested in whatever is being sold.


An auctioneer must have an entertainer mindset. They aren’t just up there to look cute and talk fast. They add humor when communicating with the audience. It’s important for the audience to feel as though they aren’t just there to spend their money- they’re there for a show. They show their personality to generate excitement which in turn encourages the audience to bid on items.

Communication skills

Communication skills are key when it comes to being a good auctioneer. You need to speak clearly and confident so that the audience understands exactly what they are going to be bidding on. While they are getting ready to auction off items, they need to read the crowd’s body language. This can tell them how interested or uninterested they might be, which can help when starting off the bids.

Encourage bidding

For an auctioneer to encourage bidding, they must use all of the previous skills and attributes. This helps them to get the audience excited and ready to start bidding. Their primary goal is to sell, sell, sell. They market these things being auctioned off to look or sound more appealing to get higher bids.

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