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What Is The Best Type Of Auction For A Fundraiser?

Friday, June 28th, 2019
fundraiser auction tips

Non-profits often hold fundraiser auctions to raise money for their cause. These events are exciting for everyone involved, despite the challenges that can come with planning them. If you are like most fundraiser organizers, you will do what it takes to create a successful event. It can help to know what types of auctions are available to choose the best one for your non-profit.

Silent auctions

These events are popular at many fundraisers because they are not the focus of the event. They allow patrons to bid on special items without the hecticness of bidding loudly against others. The items are up for bid for a limited amount of time. With this type of auction, donors can get an up-close look at the items they want. Contacting local businesses or donors is a great way to find silent auction items.

Online auctions

Although you may not think an online auction can work for a fundraiser, they are easier than ever to hold. This type of sale is great for organizations that have donors across the country. If you want to hold an easy fundraiser auction, this could be the best choice for you. You will need to find the right website to use and consider laws and shipping, though.

Live auctions

This is the type of event that most people imagine when they think of auctions. If you choose this, the event will most likely be the center of your fundraiser. Items for live auction fundraisers are often luxury or more expensive things like trips. You need to find a great auctioneer to help drive donors to bid if you choose this type of fundraiser.

Hiring an auctioneer for your fundraiser

If you are planning on holding a live auction or hosting one through an auction house, you should focus on finding an experienced auctioneer. They can help you hold a successful event. It is best to know what type of items you are offering because auctioneers often specialize. They have the experience necessary to get bidders excited and make things run efficiently.

Tips for holding a fundraiser auction

Besides understanding auction types and hiring an auctioneer, there are a few steps you can take to organize your event efficiently.

  1. Choose interesting items that are affordable for your non-profit. This will help you save money. Packages, gift baskets, and gift cards are usually popular.
  2. Consider all income levels when finding auction items.
  3. See if your donors would be interested in providing items for the fundraiser. Many times people are more interested in doing this than giving money.
  4. Promote your event. The more people that know you are holding a fundraiser, the more likely it is to be a success.
  5. Organize your items appropriately. For example, you can put all gift cards together and make the most expensive items more prominent.

Auctioneers in the Texas Panhandle

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