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What Are The Differences In An Estate Auction And A Garage Sale?

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

It’s common knowledge these days, that if you have unwanted stuff or if you’re looking for more stuff without paying full price, a garage sale is a good place to start. Bargain hunters spend much of any given weekend looking through neighborhood garage sales for the deal that will make them happy. Besides garage sales, you should also check out estate auctions. The idea is quite similar. People who have things they can’t use anymore try to sell to those people who need them. Below are some differences in an estate auction and a garage sale.

Garage sales

Garage sales are more localized than estate auctions. The seller put up a few signs around the neighborhood advertising the sale, and people start showing up. He might put a notice in a local paper to get a few more people. The kinds of items at garage sales are usually unwanted odds and ends. The seller may have clothes your kids have outgrown, old furniture, or extra dishes you want to get rid of. Many items are priced at $5 or less. People who show up expect to negotiate the price the seller sets. The garage sale usually lasts no more than half a day. Customers usually go from one sale to the next, in search of bargains. These type sales tend to happen when people need to make more room, raise some money, or are preparing for a move.

Estate auctions

While a garage sale is held by a private individual, an estate auction is conducted by a professional auctioneer. Their job is to advertise the estate auction in as many places as possible with the goal of gathering a wide number of people interested in the items for sale.

An estate auction usually involves a whole household full of items, both big and small. Many times furniture, appliance, even clothing can be sold at an estate auction. Sometimes it can include specific collections of value as well. The items at an estate auction are usually of higher quality than what is sold at a garage sale. And the prices are usually higher, but still less than retail. Instead of selling to the first person to want an item, the auctioneer will auction the items, by asking for bids. Whoever offers the highest bid gets the item. There may be several people bidding on the same item. If the price goes up past what you are willing to pay, you can just stop bidding. Estate auctions tend to happen after a death or a life altering event like a divorce or a long distance move.

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