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Tips For Storing Your Collectibles After The Auction

Monday, September 23rd, 2019
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Many collectors go to auction to find the items they enjoy at good prices. Whether you look for antiques, sports memorabilia, ceramics, or other valuables, you must know how to care for them. No matter what you collect, there are some factors you need to monitor including temperature, humidity, light, and cleaning methods.


Collectibles are sensitive to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. It is best to regulate the temperature where you store and display your items. You may think that attics and garages are the best place to keep things safe, but these are areas that are prone to being too hot or cold. Exact temps depend on the type of collectible you are storing.

Paper, wood, and natural fibers are delicate so they should be stored and displayed at a temperature of 64°. Depending on where you live, this may be too cold for comfort. Just be sure to choose a room that you don’t need to use for anything other than collectibles. If this isn’t feasible, choose the most consistently cool room in your home and work from there.

Keep in mind that if you are moving collectibles, do so slowly. This will help you avoid issues like cracking in ceramics and glass, as well as other problems.


Another environmental factor to monitor is humidity. If your storage or display area is too humid, mold can grow, metal can rust, and destructive insects can infest your collectibles. If the area is too dry, organic materials can shrink, warp, or crack. The optimum amount of humidity to keep your collectibles in good shape is about 50%.


Having too much light shining on your collectibles, whether natural or artificial, can be damaging. Dyes on textiles and paintings can fade and signatures on any type of memorabilia can disappear. Papers, wood, and other organic materials can also become brittle or dry out. Direct sunlight should be avoided for any collectible. Paintings and other artworks can be placed in a museum or conservation glass, which will prevent UV rays from harming them. Display your collectibles under low lighting and do not leave the lights on for extended periods of time.

Cleaning your collectibles

After an auction, you may be tempted to clean your collectibles, depending upon what they are. Before doing this, you should do some research on how to clean each item. Many collectibles don’t need to be cleaned. Harsh chemicals will damage your items, so avoid these.

If you must clean your collectibles, start with a soft brush or a can of compressed air (at a safe distance) to avoid scratching them. If this isn’t enough, consult an expert and do some research before doing more.

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