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Tips For Flipping Antiques You Find At Auctions

Monday, February 10th, 2020
antique furniture to flip

There is an endless amount of antiques that you can find at auction. If you are interested in flipping these items, you are sure to find something you like at one of these events. If you are just getting started in the world of flipping antiques, these tips can help you.

What exactly is flipping?

The simple definition of flipping is buying something at a low price, potentially fixing or altering it in some way, then selling it for a profit. You can find antiques to flip in a variety of places including storage auctions, live auctions, garage sales, and even on websites like Craigslist. Sometimes you can earn money by refurbishing broken down furniture, while at other times an antique should just be cleaned by a professional. It depends on the item in question and the opinions in the market.

Getting started on your antique flipping journey

Before you begin flipping antiques, you must have an interest or passion for it. If you don’t, you may get tired of looking through items online or at auction, working on them once you own them, or trying to sell them afterward.

When you attend an auction, your first step should be to set a budget and limit of items you will flip. This will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed. You should also have a plan of what you are looking for and how you will flip your new antiques. Researching the items in the auction catalog will help you do this.

You should pay attention to the results of your first flips. If you have made more money than you spent, then you have been successful. If you have lost money, you should evaluate where any mistakes may have been made. The idea is that you will learn from the process, no matter the outcome, to improve in the future.

What antiques are good to look for?

If you flip antiques, you will quickly learn that there is a large variety of items available. Some are rare but don’t have much of a fan base, so they take longer to sell. Others are popular but common, so they won’t sell for much when flipped. Here are some tips to keep in mind when browsing auction catalogs.

  1. Look for something unique. People often drift towards items they have never seen before.
  2. Be sure to choose well-made antiques. Even if they aren’t in great shape, if the materials used to make them are strong, you have good bones to work with.
  3. Condition is important, especially if you can’t fix an antique. Sometimes these items just can’t be flipped.
  4. Look for subjects in art and items you know are popular.
  5. See if you can find an antique with historical documentation.
  6. If you feel adventurous, choose antiques you aren’t familiar with to learn more about flipping them.

Where to sell your antiques

After you are done with your antiques, whether you have refurbished them or simply dusted them off, you will need to sell them. You can try selling them locally, online, or at auction. What is important is who you sell them to. There are many collectors out there that would be willing to pay more for certain items than others, so take your time finding the right buyers or venue.

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