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The Best Online Auction Websites

Saturday, January 21st, 2023
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On its face, it may not appear like it matters where you decide to buy or sell with online auctions. But you may be surprised to learn that these websites can have wildly varying policies that can significantly benefit or harm buyers and sellers.

As with in-person auction platforms, an online auction site can have a lot of sway over many aspects of the auctions it officiates. Fortunately, High Plains Auctioneers is here to help you find the cream of the crop in the online auction ecosystem. 

The Best Online Auction Websites

Finding the best online auction websites depends on your preferences and what you need from an auction platform.  Below are some pros and cons of popular auction websites to help you make a well-informed decision.


eBay is an easy go-to source for many online shoppers. It’s been a popular auction site for a long time, so it has a long history of reliability and satisfied customers.

Due to its popularity, you can expect to find just about anything on the site. However, this is a blessing and a curse, as it can be harder to find great deals due to competitive bidding. 

eBay’s pros and cons include:

  • Good mobile app
  • Tried and true
  • Easy to find the most common items
  • Could be too competitive for casual bidders


GovDeals is a unique auction site that aggregates government auctions for easy visibility. With a ton of cheap government supplies, it’s an ideal place to find deals on all manner of unique items. 

As GovDeals aggregates auctions for government agencies, the policies can vary from auction to auction. Before signing up, consider the following features:

  • Wide variety of unique items
  • Trustworthy government sales
  • A lot of auctions don’t include shipping


Webstore is one of your best bets in the auction space if you’re in the market for rare items. It features rare and highly-collectible items as its focus.

The site supports itself with advertising and donations, meaning the listing fees can be kept low. The main things to keep in mind about this auction site are:

  • A variety of unique items
  • Low fees
  • Early-internet page design replete with advertisements


Like Webstore, Catawiki features many unique items for its auctions. The items on the site are certified by their team of experts for authenticity and quality before being listed. Overall, it has:

  • A mobile app
  • Verified, genuine collectible items
  • Higher than normal fees of 12.5% on every purchase

Auction Zip

Auction Zip is one of the best online auction websites for real-time online auctions. This site has numerous resources for active and engaging online auctions to both buy and sell items. It also:

  • Emulates real-time, in-person bidding
  • Has a minimalistic and straightforward site design
  • Requires you to register before browsing the site

A Reliable Offline and Online Auction House

One of the most important factors when looking for the best online auction websites is their trustworthiness. Here at High Plains Auctioneers, we pride ourselves on our reliable and efficient auctions. Call us at 806-244-6776 to get started!