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The Benefits Of Buying Used Farm Equipment At An Online Auction

Monday, September 17th, 2018
farm equipment for sale at auction

Buyers of used heavy equipment, trucks, farm equipment, and other industrial machines often feel more comfortable working with private sellers rather than retail merchants. This form of buying gives them the opportunity to communicate with sellers to make their purchase more personal.

Live onsite auctions, online auctions, and other online marketplaces provide this level of communication and offer a large variety of equipment. The method you choose depends on your buying needs, how much you want to spend, how fast you need the item, and the services you want after the sale.

Online auctions are a great way to get an excellent price when shopping for used farm equipment. These are some of the top reasons why buying farm equipment at online auctions may be the best option for you.


Some auction houses have equipment yards with machines set out in a well-organized manner. These yards are generally in convenient locations such as near a major highway, an airport, or near a shipping center. These locations are chosen to make transport of your items as easy as possible.

Other, more local auction houses will have farm equipment available at their own properties. The machines are typically consigned to the auction house, so they will act as a representative of the seller and work to make the process smooth for everyone.

Large selections

Unlike your local farm equipment dealer, auction companies will have a large selection that will not be limited to one manufacturer or brand. They do not attempt to sell one brand over the other or display a prejudice towards any type of equipment. This selection makes it possible for you to compare the different manufacturers and decide the pros and cons of each.

You may be in the market for more than one piece of farm equipment, or something specific. At an auction, you will have the opportunity to shop for all your needs in one spot. You can find pickup trucks, farm equipment, trailers, and much more.

Maintenance records

Auction companies understand what to look for when accepting farm equipment from sellers. They request equipment records and logs when available. They intend to make the transaction as safe as possible for buyers.

If the logs have not been made available, you may be able to get in touch with the seller. However, the auction house may not be able to get you that type of information. If not, you should be able to view pieces in person if you are close enough to the auction. You can also read about the items up for bid in a catalog provided by the auction house.

Bidding options

You do not have to attend an auction in person to make bids on farm equipment. Live onsite auctions often pull in large crowds, but not all bidders are on the property. You can use the option of bidding live online where you set a max amount you will spend and track the auction yourself. You can also use absentee bidding if you cannot watch the auction as it happens. The system will make bids in increments for you with this method after you have listed a max price.

Compare, test, and inspect

Reputable auction companies will allow you to compare, test, and inspect the equipment up for auction. You can have a mechanic with you or another heavy equipment expert who can look over the items before bidding begins. Most auction companies will ensure you receive a clear title with the sale as well so you are able to put it to work immediately.

If you are not present at the auction site, you can receive an equipment condition document prepared by a professional inspector. This certificate will make your sight-unseen purchase much safer. If you are not satisfied after your buy, the auction house will work with you to resolve any disputes. But, you must keep in mind that farm equipment is often sold as is. You will be responsible for inspecting the equipment and viewing the information in the catalog.

Pricing models

An auction offers you a variety of pricing models. You have the option of unreserved, reserved, and making an offer to negotiate the price. You are not restricted to a sticker price, so you have much more flexibility in your bids. Some online auction sites give you the option to “buy now” as well, which avoids the price negotiation if you are comfortable with the offered amount.

Other auction companies offer you financing or leasing options if you are working with a fixed budget. Banks are not always willing to provide loans on farm equipment you have not yet purchased. Financing may be something to ask about before the auction begins.

Farm equipment auctions in the Texas Panhandle

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