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Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Tractor And Where To Find One

Thursday, December 19th, 2019
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It can be difficult to think about getting a new tractor once your old machine has started showing signs of retirement. You may decide to repair your equipment or wonder if getting a newer tractor will be worth it. The following can help you know if it is time to replace this piece of farm equipment.

Common reasons why you may need to replace your tractor

One reason you may need a new piece of equipment is if your farm is growing. Older equipment is not as efficient and you may need a larger machine to handle new work. You may also have a tractor that needs more and more repairs. Over time, you could end up paying more for repairs than replacing the tractor. Finally, you may be planting new crops and just need a more fitting tractor for the job.

How repairs can indicate you need to replace your tractor

Some repairs will show you that it could be more beneficial for you to replace your tractor rather than keep working on it. The following are some of the most common indicators.

Engine knocking

This issue means that your engine is likely seizing. You may hear loud clunking noises caused by the starter hitting the flywheel or a piston. Knocking sounds can also mean that the oil is low or that the tractor has a bent crankshaft. Keep in mind that diesel engine tractors are more common than gas powered machines. This means that if you have a gas powered tractor, maintenance may be more difficult and more costly.

Software problems

If you have a newer tractor that uses computer software, repairs can be even more difficult. The software usually has licenses from the manufacturer that legally prevents owners from working on their tractor. This means that they are required to take the machine to a service center that is owned by the same manufacturer.

Issues with regular wear and tear

The use age of your tractor can indicate whether or not it needs to be replaced. If your machine has been used over 12,000 hours, it is widely accepted that replacement is better than repair. After this amount of use, engine issues will likely appear and these are costly.

Finding a new tractor (or a newer used machine)

When you decide to replace your tractor, you have a few options to search for a new one. These include buying from a dealer, private seller, and auctions.

Dealers: You can buy new and used tractors from dealers in your area. This is often an easy choice because of convenience and familiarity. You can find the newest technology and may also be able to get more information about used equipment. However, the prices you pay when leasing are usually more expensive.

Private sellers: You may be able to find a used tractor from a private seller that is in good shape. You must be careful when doing this, though, because you have no way of verifying the condition of the tractor without having an inspection done.

Auctions: You can find a variety of used farm equipment at auctions. Online auctions usually have more choices, but you cannot see the machines in person. Live auctions may have a smaller list of options, but you will be able to see the equipment before you bid. With most auctions, you will see significant cost-savings and have more options than a dealership will have.

Used farm equipment auctions in Texas

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