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Sell Your Items At Auction When Downsizing Your Business

Friday, May 24th, 2019
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Downsizing can be a challenge when you are accustomed to increasing your inventory rather than selling. This is often needed, though, if you have found it difficult to make a profit or stay in a large location. The downsizing process creates a new set of issues, like laying off employees or changing future plans for your business. You may also have to sell some of your inventory or office items.

Selling your inventory doesn’t have to be complicated. When you sell through an auction, it will be more efficient. The auctioneers understand how to move items and will efficiently sell your assets. These are some reasons why selling your inventory at auction when downsizing is the best solution for you.

You can increase your revenue

Selling your inventory through an auction is a great way to get more money than you expected. Buyers coming to an auction know what is being offered and will most likely only attend if they want what is for sale. They will be coming with specific business needs, and the auction experts will know how to encourage bidding to get the best price for your items.

The process of downsizing should be cost-effective, not expensive. Getting your business back on track is the ultimate goal, so you want to increase your revenue. An auction is your best solution to accomplish this goal and more practical than a traditional downsizing sale.

Auctions are a proven selling solution

Auctions will take some of the stress out of the downsizing process. Auctioneers will ask you which items are up for sale and you can leave the rest to them. This proven selling method will make your life easier during a challenging time.

The process of selling your inventory through an auction takes some of the stress of unpredictability away. Auctioneers will work hard to get you the best results, so you are can begin moving your business forward to a brighter future.

Auctions create less work for you

It is not an easy task to sell items around your facility, especially when you are distracted and stressed. It isn’t difficult to underestimate how much work it will take to organize a sale. There are challenges like categorizing the things you’ve decided to sell, figuring out prices, and marketing the sale.

Other factors you may not have thought of are taking pictures of all the items you want to sell and writing down descriptions for them. There is also the issue of how you will handle payments and shipping. These are all responsibilities that can take a lot of your time. Professional auctioneers have experience dealing with these tasks and can take that off your shoulders.

Auctioneers know how to market

An auction can only be successful if buyers show up to bid, so marketing becomes a crucial role in selling your items. Auctioneers have established buyers in a wide range of industries and they understand how to advertise auctions.

It is essential to grab people’s attention, which is often easier said than done. Auctioneers strategically target relevant buyers and create a larger pool of potential customers. Targeting the right buyers will increase competition on the day of your auction and bring you more revenue.

Do you need help selling your inventory?

If you are planning to downsize your business and need the professional help of an auctioneer, call High Plains Auctioneers today. We understand what it means to face liquidation and are ready to answer any questions you have about the process. You can reach us at (806) 244-6776 or Contact Us by Email for more information about Selling with us. If you are interested in bidding, check out our Upcoming Auctions to see what we will have available!