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Looking For Farm Equipment Auctions? Here’s How To Find Them!

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Looking for a farm equipment auction but not sure where to start? There are multiple ways to be alerted when there are nearby auctions so you’ll never miss a great farm equipment auction. Putting your name on your favorite auction company’s mailing list is a great place to start. Reviewing the ads in newsletters and newspapers is helpful, too. But in today’s world of technology, you’d be wise to “like” your favorite auction companies on Facebook and other social media sites to get the most current updates and news regarding farm equipment auctions. And don’t forget to network with others interested in farm equipment auctions.

Mailing lists

Even in this age of digital mail, there are still mailing lists. Paper mailouts go out when there’s an auction, so as long as your name and address are on the list, you’ll get those brochures. If you add your email address, you’ll receive email notifications as well. You can choose to find out about farm equipment auctions specifically, land auctions, estate auctions, or all types of auctions if you desire.


On the internet, search for “auctions” and “auction companies” in your area to find out who’s having farm equipment auctions. On their websites, you’ll typically be able to get all the details of the auctions, including the date, time and location. Most of the time, you can also find a list of items that will be up for auction. Additionally, most everyone is involved with social media these days, and it’s a great place to find out about upcoming auctions. Check out Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites for frequent updates about auctions in your area. There are lots of options online.


Traditionally, the newspaper or local newsletters for farmers, and the radio were the best sources to advertise upcoming farm equipment auctions. Although they’re not relied on as heavily now, they are still good sources of information on upcoming farm equipment auctions.

Friends and family

Connect with friends and family who also like to attend farm equipment auctions, and find out how they keep up with auction news. They may have a method to scout for farm equipment auctions that you haven’t thought of yet. Network with other members of the farming community to share information about upcoming auctions.

For more information

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