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How To Sell Inherited Guns In Texas

Friday, January 24th, 2020
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Losing a loved one is never easy and dealing with their estate and your inheritance can often make the situation more stressful. For those who are not enthusiasts and inherit guns and firearms, it can be confusing to decide what to do. If you are in this situation, here are some options for getting rid of the guns or firearms you have inherited.

Surrender them

You can surrender these items to your local police department if you don’t want them. But, you will likely not get any money for them. Also, some guns and firearms fall under the category of unregistered NFA (National Firearms Act of 1934) weapons. They cannot legally be inherited (or given as inheritance) so they must be surrendered to a local Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) office. These items include fully automatic weapons, short-barreled rifles and shotguns, and silencers.

Go to a pawn shop

If you want to make some money off of your inheritance, you can take the guns and firearms to a pawn shop. Keep in mind that these businesses want to make a profit, so they will offer you less than the items are worth. Also, if they can tell that you do not know anything about the collectibles, they may try to offer even less.

Sell the guns and firearms online

You can sell guns online relatively easily (and legally). In many cases you will get the most money this way. However, you will need to be familiar with gun transfer laws in your state and other states. You will also need to be familiar with the fees the website you use will charge for each sale. Some are higher than others.

Selling the items at auction

This is a great option, especially if you have inherited a large collection of guns and firearms. If you need to sell a large amount of other items, you can sell them in an estate auction rather than just a gun auction. As stated above, you will need to be familiar with the laws in your area and federal laws. You will also need to find a reputable auction house and learn their rules.

What to know before choosing an option

Before you choose one of the options above, you should know a few more things. These tips can help you make a more informed decision about what to do with your newly inherited guns and firearms.

  1. Before you can actually inherit these items, they will need to be legally transferred to you. This is most easily done by working with a Federal Firearm License (FFL) and the executor of the will. The FFL, like a licensed gun dealer, will hold onto the guns until a background check is finished for ten days.
  2. Besides the above, you will need to be familiar with local laws before you sell your guns.
  3. It can be helpful to know the difference between guns, firearms, and antiques. You can speak with a lawyer or gun expert about your particular items.
  4. You should do some research before selling your guns. Learn the basics of what is popular, assessing condition, and talking with FFL dealers.
  5. If you choose to sell at an auction, look into the types available and auction houses in your area.

Gun and antique firearm auctions in Texas

If you would like to learn more about how to sell your guns and firearms, contact High Plains Auctioneers. We host a variety of auctions including estate and gun auctions. Give us a call at (806) 244-6776 or Send Us an Email for more information.