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How To Prepare For A Farm Auction

Friday, October 15th, 2021
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If you have decided to liquidate your farm, an auction is the most efficient process you can use to sell your equipment and property. Farm auctions have a history of attracting a wide pool of potential buyers that will come ready to compete with their bids on your items.

There is a lot of planning that goes into having a farm auction, and some of the work needed to prepare can feel quite daunting. Your auction company takes care of most of the preparation, but there are still a few measures you will be responsible for. There is a lot of work that can be done ahead of time, and these are some tips that will help keep you on track.

Hire Professionals to Assess Your Assets

You want a reputable company such as High Plains Auctioneers to appraise the items you want to sell at your farm auction. You want a company like High Plains Auctioneers because they have a reputation for being successful in the industry and know how to help you get the most out of your auction experience.

Publicize Your Auction

If you want a successful auction, and of course this is the reason you have decided to auction off your farm, you need people to be aware of when and where it will be held. To publicize your auction, make sure your friends in the auction industry hear and know when your auction will be held.

Draw potential buyers by having a list out there of the equipment they can expect to see at your auction. People looking for certain pieces will know where to go to find you, and sometimes people see the list and decide you have exactly what they’ve been looking for. A list can also make people curious to come and see what the listed pieces are and if they might have a use for them.

It is important not to give your special friends or family the chance to buy items you’ve listed as being on the auction early. If word gets out that you’ve sold some of the best pieces before the auction began, you risk people not showing up on your auction day.

Secure Auction Items Before the Auction

At most farm auctions there are valuable pieces of equipment that are going to be sold. If you have pieces that have been appraised at a high value, you will want to ensure they are kept secure and safe prior to the auction.

Many times before an auction begins, people will ask to preview what you are auctioning, and this is an acceptable practice. Before allowing these previews, however, make sure you have taken precautions against theft.

Place Your Trust in the Auctioneer

It is important to follow your auctioneer’s advice. These are trained professionals who will do their best to make the auction as stress-free as possible.

Who To Contact When You Want to Auction Your Farm

High Plains Auctioneers are the experts to contact if you are selling your farm. We have experience in the industry and pride ourselves on conducting the best and most successful auctions in the area. Call us today for information on how to schedule your auction (806) 244-6776 and our representative will answer any questions you have.

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