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How To Make An Effective Auction Catalog

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016
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A successful auction depends on many factors, including a well designed auction catalog. The important thing to keep in mind while putting together an auction catalog is that you need to provide basic information about the items you are selling. You should also make the items listed in the catalog appealing to potential buyers. Depending on the location and the items being sold, the list can be simple or elaborate. Your auction catalog should list basic data and important information, and it can be made using computer software, then printed.

List basic data about the items being auctioned

Items should be listed in the auction catalog in the order that they are to be sold by the auctioneer. Provide the lot number, the opening bid price, and any conditions or disclaimers for each item in your auction. If the item is being sold as is, that information should be provided. The name of the owner or donor may also be listed next to the item. Photographs should be included with descriptions about the history of the item or features that attract buyers. Live auction catalog descriptions should be as engaging as they possibly can.

Include other important information

A timetable listing the start of the event should also be included in the auction catalog. This schedule should list the start and end time, as well as meals or speeches that are a part of the event. A menu can be included in the catalog if food will be served. Information about any charities benefiting from the auction should also be included. Sometimes advertising space is sold in the catalog, which brings in money for the auction house or a charity.

Use computer software to put your auction catalog together

Spreadsheets and databases are very helpful for gathering information about the individual items being auctioned. The layout of the catalog will contain the same information needed for each item, making it easy to achieve a uniform look. Organizing information using set formats helps you keep data in a safe place and saves time. Most computer software will allow you to import digital photos to place alongside the item information as well.

Printing your auction catalog

For online auctions, printing the catalog is not necessary. However, bidders need printed versions for live auctions. You should expect to have one catalog printed for every two bidders, plus ten to fifteen percent extra. If you can afford it, print one for every bidder expected. Registered bidders will appreciate receiving a catalog in advance in the mail, but you should remind them to bring it with them.

Having an auction catalog is important for any type of auction. For more information about how to sell or bid at an auction, contact the experts at High Plains Auctioneers today at (806) 244-6776. You can also Contact Us by email to learn more about auctions. To see what we have available, check out our Upcoming Auctions.