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How to Host a Farm Auction

Monday, November 21st, 2022
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Farm auctions are a great way to sell your overstock of farm equipment, construction equipment, and even livestock, but hosting a farm auction can be overwhelming. There are two ways you can host a farm auction: in person or online. Our experienced auctioneers at High Plains Auctioneers are here to tell you how you can get the most out of your auction no matter which way you hold it. 

Work with an Experienced Farm Auctioneer

If you are ready to host a farm auction, keep in mind that you aren’t just selling equipment or livestock; you’re also showcasing your reputation as a dealer. Work with an auction company that knows what it’s doing. Don’t just go with the first company you encounter; do your research. 

Choose Your Auction Location and Promote the Event

A friendly, inviting environment is essential to success, so visit a few auction sites to get a feel for the environment. Then, meet with the auctioneer and ask how they plan to promote your event and who they target. This conversation will give you a good idea of the overall plan for your event. 

Set Expectations with Your Auctioneer

Talk to your auctioneer about online options and simultaneous auction choices. If an auctioneer knows what you expect to gain from the auction, they will have a clearer vision for the direction of the event. 

Sell a Variety of Items

Discuss your inventory and prices with your auctioneer, and ensure you have various equipment for sale. You should generally have at least 150 items to auction off, which could include:

  • Combines
  • Lawn mowers
  • Construction equipment
  • Tillage equipment
  • Planting equipment
  • Livestock

When you get to the big-ticket items that everyone is interested in, vary the type of item you bring up to the stage as the next lot to keep buyers interested and engaged.

How to Host an Online Farm Auction

The pandemic changed the world as we knew it, and auctions are no exception. When hosting an online farm auction, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Turn your sale into a whole event: Don’t limit yourself to the sale on a specific day. Market the sale days in advance and list each item with a thorough description so buyers can choose what to bid on ahead of time.
  • Promote and engage: Get the word out about your event on all social media accounts, and ask friends and family to share your page. Respond to comments, and answer questions that come up. 
  • Get professional assistance: Hiring a professional videographer is worth the extra money; you want to give your online bidders a clear vision of what they are purchasing by live streaming the event.
  • Provide post-auction support: After the auction, make yourself available to address concerns or issues that may arise. Not providing proper support can lead to bad reviews, and you never want those. 

Find the Perfect Auctioneer Near You

Ready to host your farm auction? Let High Plains Auctioneers help you. We specialize in farm auctions, estate auctions, and much more. Call us at 806-244-6776 and ask about our upcoming auctions.