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How to Find the Best Farm Auctions

Friday, November 18th, 2022
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If you are a farmer in need of equipment, a farm auction may be your best option. You can find everything you need, from farm equipment to livestock, construction equipment, and much more. While the energy and family-friendly environment is a massive part of why people love to attend farm auctions, you can find great prices on quality machines. So where can you find the best farm auctions? 

High Plains Auctioneers can help you find the best auctions available in the Dalhart, TX, area. Our team of experts is here to help, so give us a call today.

Choosing the Best Type of Auction

Before diving into where to find the best auction, you must understand the different farm auctions available. There are three main types of auctions:

  • National consignment auction: Auctioneers do an excellent job advertising this type of auction, and you’ll have little trouble finding information on the one nearest you. This auction has a wide variety of farm equipment and usually takes place over a few days. If you’ve ever attended one of these auctions, you may have put yourself on their mailing list, which means you will receive flyers announcing the next auction in your area. 
  • Local consignment auctions: You can find these “farm auctions” advertised online or in your local paper. In addition, you can hear about this type of auction from friends or neighbors. While local auctions may have less inventory than national consignment auctions, you can find a wide variety of equipment.
  • Poorly advertised auctions: These auctions may be hard to find, but they offer some of the best deals. Although you may find these auctions advertised online or in the newspaper, they rely heavily on word of mouth, so it’s essential to know the right people. Check the “local notices” section of the newspaper, and don’t discount vague descriptions that mention only “tilling equipment” instead of specific brands. The auctioneer in charge may not have much inventory or money to spend on advertising. You may find a fantastic deal if you attend the smaller, lesser-known auctions, especially if the auctioneer is new to farm auctions and needs to learn how to price their equipment.

Look for Online Auctions

While live auctions are the best way to bid on a tractor, there is a fourth type of auction that has been gaining popularity in the last couple of years: the online auction. While you lose out on having the in-person experience of being at an auction, you can still find great deals on the equipment you need from the comfort of your home. In addition, finding and attending this type of auction is very easy. Because the auction itself is online, you can locate one with the click of a button.

Find the Best Local Auctions

When finding the best farm auction for your needs, consult an experienced auction company. At High Plains Auctioneers, we can help you find the auction that is just right for you. We work with real estate and estate auctions and farm auctions, so call us at 806-244-6776 and ask about our upcoming auctions.