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How To Choose The Best Auction Company For Your Needs

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019
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Selling your property at auction provides many benefits. When you choose an auction, you can speed up the sale process. People come knowing you are motivated to sell and they are ready to offer amounts at fair market values. Auctions are a great way to sell homes, farm equipment, antiques, estate items, and much more. The only question is, how do you find a reputable auction company to handle your sale?

Choose an auction house with experience

Look at the number of years the company been dealing in auctions and how long their business has been in the area. You want to make sure they are licensed in the state and have accreditation with the National Auctioneers Association.

It may seem appealing to go with a new company as they may be starting their business by offering lower commission rates. But, you may not sell your items for as much as they are worth. An experienced auctioneer knows the markets and values, and understands the process of driving bids so you receive a fair outcome.

Look for an auction house that knows how to market

A good auction company knows how to begin a marketing campaign about your upcoming auction. They will have a strategy in place for getting the word out about the property or items you will be selling. When an auction company has strong marketing skills, people know where to look for their upcoming sales.

Find an auctioneer with resources

A good auctioneer is not just someone who stands in front of a crowd and promotes the bidding process. You need a company that has the resources to finalize deals when dealing in large sales. Choose an auction company that will stand behind you when the sale is over and will help you with any issues that arise from the winning bidders. The company should have an affiliation with different professional organizations such as realtors or cattlemen’s association if you are selling livestock or any other industry that applies to the sale of your merchandise.

Read the reviews and ratings

An auction is a double-sided platform where the auctioneer has to make both the buyer and the seller happy. This situation can be difficult to obtain in every case. When you read reviews, you will have to take into account the competition at play during the auction process.

Look at the comments regarding the professionalism of the auctioneer and whether people are finding the transactions to be fair and honest. People who have lost out on something they had their heart set on could leave negative responses. You will have to read closely why the party left the review and where they posted it. Then, determine what the reason was for the review being left.

Some of the better sites to check honest reviews are the Better Business Bureau and Facebook. Those found on Yelp are not hacker proof and can be a little less credible.

Review the auction company’s policies and processes

Check the policies for the auction company you are considering and make sure you understand them. If the company does a lot of business online, you should be able to locate their website and find a listing of how they handle their auctions.

Check their terms and conditions so you have full knowledge of what to expect from your sale. The company will have registration information listed, their terms and conditions for handling transactions, and their responsibilities.

See if they offer any conveniences

Check with the auction company to see how easy they make the selling and bidding process. Many people like the convenience of offering absentee bids as they can’t always make it to the sale. Check if the company you are considering provides absentee bids as a free service or how much you would be expected to pay to include it with your auction.

Another convenience appreciated by bidders is the ability to place bids over the internet. As a seller, you want to be aware of the advantages the internet will offer you for a successful auction.

Looking for an auction company to help sell your items?

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