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How To Care For Your Silver And Bronze Antiques After Auction

Monday, July 15th, 2019
caring for antiques won at auction

Silver and bronze antiques make beautiful additions to any home. If you have won some from auction, it can be exciting. But, you must know how to care for them to keep them in great shape for years to come. Here are some helpful tips for storing and cleaning your antiques.

Taking care of silver antiques

It is common knowledge that silver tarnishes over time. Tarnish isn’t harmful, but it does dull the bright appearance of this metal. Harsh cleaning methods will hurt your silver, though, so be careful how you clean it. Also, too much polishing can remove some of the silver, so do not do this too often. Preventing your antiques from tarnishing is the best way to maintain it.

Preventing tarnish can be done with stored and displayed silver. Here are some tips that can help you take care of your antiques.

  • Don’t keep your antiques in areas with high humidity or high heat.
  • Use non-dyed linen or cotton cloth, or acid-free tissue paper, to wrap your silver. This prevents scratching and denting.
  • Moisture is also an issue, so be sure to avoid wrapping silver in plastic bags.
  • For display pieces, you can include anti-tarnish cloth or paper, or camphor blocks in the cabinet.
  • You should dust your silver to keep it looking bright. Use a non-abrasive cleaner designed for silver if you use any.
  • If you are concerned about cleaning your silver, you can take it to an expert to be safe.

Maintaining your bronze antiques

Bronze is different than silver in that “tarnishing” is actually desired. If your bronze antiques have not been lacquered, they will develop a greenish or brown color called patina. You do need to take care of your bronze, though. If you do not, it can develop corrosion, pitting, or uneven patina.

  • Avoid chloride, because it will corrode your bronze.
  • Chemical reactions can also harm your bronze.
  • Be careful when handling your antiques, because the oils on your hands can damage them. Wear cotton gloves to prevent this.
  • Store your bronze in a dry environment.
  • Dust your items with a lint-free cloth or soft brush.
  • Take your bronze antiques to an expert if you feel they need more detailed work.

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