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Good Items To Donate For Live And Silent Auctions

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

There are several kinds of auctions including reserve, absolute, silent, and live. These different types may require unique items. Before you participate in a silent or live auction, it’s best to have an idea of which items work best for that specific event. With this idea in mind, you can donate items that will fetch more money.

Good items to donate for live auctions

What’s the difference between a silent and live auction? Live auctions are the kind you are used to seeing on television and are usually scheduled by anyone that wishes to sell items to gain a profit for themselves. These events are fast-paced, exciting, and a lot of fun to attend.

Some of the most popular items to donate for a live auction include valuable jewelry, artwork, and antiques such as vintage furniture and collectibles. Larger items like farm equipment, restaurant equipment, and real estate are also commonly seen. Typically, this event includes items that will garner the highest bids and bring in the most money. An experienced and licensed auctioneer can help you determine which of your items may be the most valuable to donate.

Other fun items to donate for a live auction, especially one for charity, include all-expenses paid vacations, dinners at fancy restaurants, or tickets to sporting events, symphonies, ballets, or plays.

Good items to donate for silent auctions

Usually held for charity or non-profit organizations, a silent auction deviates from the norm slightly. Instead of bidders calling out their bids, they write down their bids on paper. Since silent auctions are generally fundraisers, the items donated may vary a bit from regular live events.

Local businesses tend to donate frequently to silent auctions for charity. Some items that you will see may include products or services, such as dinners, massages or spa days, haircuts, manicures, or gift baskets. You may also see vacation packages to exotic destinations, unique collectibles like sports memorabilia, music memorabilia, or prized artwork up for bid.

If you run a business, donating your services is the best thing to give to a silent auction. Donating something one of a kind, like a hot air balloon ride, photography session, eight-course meal, or an outing that is enjoyable is also a good choice. The best things to donate to this event are special things that people don’t get to do for themselves every day.

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