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How to Pick the Perfect Auctioneer for Farm Equipment

Friday, July 10th, 2015

There are a few things to keep in mind while you’re choosing an auctioneer. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions and make sure you’re on the same page as your auctioneer before putting your farm equipment in their hands. The experience of the auctioneer and his staff is critical, so be sure to find out. You’ll also need to know how they find buyers, how appraisals work and what details the auction company handles, to name a few. Consider these factors because it’s important to pick the best auctioneer so you get a great price for your farm equipment and have a positive experience.

Consider the auctioneer’s experience

You’ll get better results if you go with a state licensed auctioneer that has years of experience auctioning farm equipment. An expert auctioneer will have the resources to get you the best price, whether it’s just a few pieces or an entire farm. Find out what the closing percentage rate of the auction company is, and how many auctions they hold yearly to get an idea of their overall experience when it comes to auctioning farm equipment.

Find out how the auctioneer finds buyers

How wide is their reach? In today’s world of technology, it’s easy to inform potential buyers of auctions. Using platforms like email, social media, farm equipment journals, direct mail, the company website, and newspapers are commonplace. Advertising will inform people of the auction and increase your chances of getting the best price. Local as well as national buyers can be kept abreast of upcoming auctions. Find out how the company advertises their auctions to create demand for farm equipment.

Is the auction company’s staff knowledgeable?

Ask questions about how long the auctioneers have been doing this, and how long staff members have been handling farm equipment auctions. Finding out how much experience staff members have will put your mind at ease.

Does the company handle the details?

Does the auctioning company handle everything for you when it comes to the auction, such as collecting money, and dealing with sales tax? Does the auctioneer help you pick up equipment for auction? A great, reputable auction house will most likely take care of these and other details surrounding the sale of your farm equipment so you won’t have to do anything. Find out if the auctioneer is going to handle those things for you before you select an auctioneer for your farm equipment.

Equipment inspection

A careful inspection of the equipment should be conducted. Talk specifics when you contact the auction company to find out more. Also, talk to other customers and clients to see what their personal experiences are before you choose an auctioneer. Find out if they are satisfied with the outcome of their auction, and the overall experience with the auctioneer and company. Personal testimonials offer honest input.

For more information

To learn more about upcoming auctions or get information about auctioning items contact High Plains Auctioneers. We can be reached by phone at (806) 244-6776 or by email through our Contact Us link. Check out the other pages on our website for additional information about how to bid on equipment and how to sell your equipment.