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Where To Find Guns For Your Collection

Monday, February 26th, 2018
Antique gun auctions in texas

There are many places to go if you are interested in collecting guns. You might wish for a “one-stop-shop,” or you may enjoy the hunt for that perfect firearm. There are guns that span hundreds of years of history, and places all over the country where you might find the perfect firearm for your collection. Here are several places where you can find the guns you are looking for.

You can search for guns online

New guns are not the only firearms available online. One great benefit of the internet is your ability to search for and research rare guns. You might even find something interesting that you did not expect to see. Buying antique firearms online is no different than buying new guns. Both you and the seller must follow all Federal and local laws and comply with any regulations to complete a transaction.

The popular auction site eBay prohibited the sale of guns between its members in the past. This created an opportunity for others to create similar auction websites specifically for guns. There are other websites that specialize in the online sale of collectible firearms outside of the auction space.

Explore a gun show

A cherished and delightful American tradition is the gun show. This event is one of the best methods for buying or selling collectable firearms. If you are not familiar with how these shows work, the show promoter rents a hall for the weekend and offers tables for rent to collectors and dealers. The sellers then offer the attending public a chance to buy firearms and related accessories.

The two different types of gun shows are collector and commercial. These are fun shows to attend, and a combination of the two is usually best. You need to understand the difference between the two if you are looking for specific items. Collector shows are rare and tend to offer hard to find and antique firearms. Commercial gun shows usually have more modern products and are run like a business, where you might find various items such as beef jerky and t-shirts.

Look for dealers that specialize in collector and antique firearms

There are a couple of advantages to using specialty dealers to purchase firearms. They know their inventory, tend to have more niche pieces that others might not, and have a wider range of collections. They also have the expertise to help both new and long-time collectors alike. Specialty dealers may have a walk-in store, rent a table at shows, sell online and/or directly, or even operate through a combination of these methods. They may develop a relationship with you if you become a returning customer and give you advance on items you are interested in.

Ask other gun collectors

Prices on collectible firearms are generally more favorable to the seller and the buyer in transactions between gun collectors. You might find that your fellow collectors are the best source for buying the guns you are interested in. Having conversations with other collectors is one of the best ways to learn about firearm acquisition and the guns you want to collect. Many dedicated collectors join clubs that act locally, or others that are specific to the type of firearms they collect.

Cataloged live gun auctions

First started over 20 years ago, the tradition of live catalog auctions for quality collectable firearms (both individually and in whole collections) is still going strong. These items are sold through auction houses that specialize in gun sales. Collector publications have advertisements for many of these gun auctions where you can see an illustrated catalog that contains full descriptions of each item for sale. The catalog often includes an estimate of the price the firearms will sell for as well. Sometimes these catalogs are also published on the internet.

Bidders at gun auctions can send in sealed bids by fax or mail, or go to the auction and bid in person depending upon the auction house rules. Attending a live event in person is the best way to ensure you are getting the firearms you want.

By attending gun auctions live, you will be able to inspect every firearm. Be sure to set a budget before you attend an auction and know when to bid and when to wait. If you choose to give absentee bids at a gun auction, be sure to research the auction house to see if they are trustworthy.

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