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Farm Equipment Auctions: A Place To Find Collectible Vehicles?

Monday, August 31st, 2020
antique vehicle dahsboard with grass and trees in the background

You may not have considered this, but a farm equipment or farm auction could be the place to find collectible vehicles. Most of the time, you will likely see a smaller collection of vehicles. But sometimes, you will find a massive auction listing everything from work trucks to sports cars. This is exactly what happened in August of 2019.

The Graham collection

This massive collection was found on a farm in Minnesota and was owned by James Graham. This farmer amassed a collection of around 200 vehicles, mostly American models made between the 1920s to the mid-1970s. Here are just some of the cars he acquired.

  • Chevrolet Impalas
  • A 1957 retractable hardtop Skyliner from Ford
  • A 1964 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight
  • Cadillacs (including an immaculate 1976 Eldorado)
  • A pink-on-pink Rambler
  • Ford Model As and Ts from the 1920s
  • A 1941 GMC flatbed
  • A green 1959 El Camino
  • Many antique tractors

With a collection this big, bidders certainly had a lot to consider. Not only were there vehicles, but a variety of other items as well. These included die-cast toys, whiskey decanters, and collectible plates.

What can you usually find at a farm equipment auction?

You won’t usually find auctions that are as grand as the Graham collection event. But, you will see a variety of different items at great prices. Because every auction is unique, you should be aware of what is being sold before attending one. Keep an eye out for collectibles like used equipment, repair parts, antique firearms, cars, and old tools as well as more modern equipment that can still be used on farms.

Tips for attending a used farm equipment auction

If you are going to go to an auction, you should be prepared first. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your experience.

  1. Do some research: First, you will need to know what you are looking for. You can view the online auction catalogs provided to you in order to do this. Then, you can research the values of the items you want.
  2. Make a budget: Doing this will help you stay on track at the event, especially if bidding becomes heated.
  3. Go to previews: If you get to the auction early, you might be able to see everything that is up for bids before the event.
  4. Know the rules: You will want to be familiar with all of the rules of the auction before you go. This includes the payment methods and how to sign up.
  5. Bring a chair: This may sound odd, but not every auction house will have somewhere for bidders to sit. You can also call ahead to see if they provide seating.
  6. Know the difference between vintage and antique: This is important whether you are buying collectible cars, trucks, or farm equipment. The age and condition of the vehicles will affect their value.

Used farm equipment and estate auctions in Texas

If you are looking to attend an auction in Texas, High Plains Auctioneers has you covered. We host a variety of these events including antique, estate, and farm equipment auctions. You can reach us at (806) 244-6776 for more information and check out our Upcoming Auctions to see what we will have available.