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Different Types Of Used Farm Tractors You Can Find At Auction

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019
farm equipment auctions in Texas

There are many types of tractors and heavy equipment you can use on your farm. There are also multiple ways to buy farm equipment, whether new or used. One of the best (and sometimes most overlooked) options is to purchase farm equipment at auction. Here are some of the most common types of farm tractors you can find at auction.

Utility tractors

Standard utility tractors are a vital piece of heavy equipment to have on any farm. Besides pulling other equipment, utility tractors can do a number of jobs like tilling, planting, disking, and plowing. These are great options for farmers who can’t afford a large number of tractors or those who prefer to use only one machine.

When looking for utility tractors at auction, be sure to do some research into their condition. Used tractors aren’t always bad, but you should still be careful. Only bidding at auctions held by reputable auctions is a good way to protect your investment.

Compact utility tractors

This type of heavy equipment is great for farmers who work on a smaller scale. Most have front-end loaders and make good pieces for landscaping. Compact utility tractors are capable of pulling other equipment as well. Because this type of equipment can do so much, you should be sure to check out the condition at the auction.

Orchard tractors

If you run an orchard or vineyard, you know how important this equipment is to your productivity. These are specialized pieces of heavy equipment that were designed to be used in smaller spaces. The fact that these tractors are so specialized means that if you spot one at auction, you should consider bidding on it. But still, be aware that you will need to verify it is in good condition.

Row crop tractors

These tractors are similar to utility tractors, but their uses differ somewhat. They are often used for leveling, harrowing, and weed control. Some of them come with adjustable tread width to fit the size of your rows for optimum seeding. Although this type of heavy equipment isn’t as versatile as other kinds, you should still research any you find up for auction.

Tips for buying used farm equipment at auction

Before attending an auction, there are some things you should do to prepare. As stated above, you need to research the items you are interested in and know their condition. Here are some other tips that can help you be successful at auction.

  • Ask yourself a few questions before you go. Is buying used better for your operation? Would investing a new machine be easier for you?
  • As stated above, be sure to research the past of each machine you would like to bid on. Also, do as much research as possible about the current condition of the equipment.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. This will help you avoid getting over-excited if there is a bidding war.
  • Research the policies of the auction house you are going to. You want to be sure you are following all the rules.

Heavy equipment auctions in Texas

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