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Decoration And Storage Ideas Using Antique Crocks Found At Auction

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

In days gone by, crocks were used for multipurpose food storage, holding everything from dry goods to vegetables. Today, antique crocks offer your home a rustic, shabby chic, country farmhouse look and they are functional for many purposes, including storage and home decoration. Enhance your kitchen, dining room, bathroom and other areas of your home with this unique type of earthenware pottery, which you can usually find at an auction.


This antique earthenware pottery goes great in your kitchen and is very useful. Add some to your kitchen countertop by placing your utensils in a collection of these jars of different sizes. Another idea is to use an oversized crock, which you can find at an auction, as a kitchen towel hamper.

These pots or jars store pet food stylishly or simply look great lining a window or shelf. Did you score a set of tiny antique crock pitchers from an auction? Put a flower in each one and put them in the window for a welcome decoration. If you don’t have anything to put on top of your kitchen cabinets to liven them up, a line of crocks adds visual interest to the area.

Dining room

Tie a ribbon around the lip of the earthenware jar and you can create a centerpiece for your dining room table or give it as a gift. You can even fill antique crocks with pine cones, pumpkins or squash and use them as fall table decorations.


Antique crocks found at auctions make fun bathroom storage. You can keep clean linens, cotton balls, flowers or other items on your bathroom counter inside crocks. A group of antique crocks on a tray can stylishly hold bathroom supplies.

Other decoration and storage ideas

One of the best ways to use the antique crocks you found at an auction is to plant something in them. These pots or jars make adorable planters and you can treat them just as you would any other stoneware planter.

Keep a large antique crock next to your door for umbrella storage or set a group outside on your patio next to a wooden bench. Also, you can put magazines in a big earthenware pot you got from an auction and set it next to your sofa in the living room.

Antique crocks keep firewood organized next to your fireplace and hold sewing notions, knitting supplies, yarn and crochet needles. If you place these pots or jars outside, put gardening tools and gloves in them or outdoor toys for your kids to play with.

For more information

Antique crocks and other vintage items are fun to decorate with and add flavor to your home. Gather these products and other home decorating items at some of our upcoming auctions. If you would like more information about an upcoming auction or want to schedule an auction of your own, contact us at (806) 244-6776. Check out our website to get details or find out the latest auction news. Send us an email by clicking on Contact Us for questions or comments.