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Caring For Your Coins After Winning Them At Auction

Monday, July 22nd, 2019
taking care of old coins

If you collect coins, an auction can be a great place to find new pieces for your collection. If you are new to collecting, it is important to know how to take care of them. Here are some tips you can use to care for your coins after winning them from an auction.

Don’t clean your coins

This may sound wrong, but you should actually avoid cleaning old coins. If you have purchased them from a particularly heated auction, you may think their value can only go up by making them brighter. Like antiques, these collectibles are usually better off in their original condition. If you attempt to scrub or use chemicals on the metal, it will reduce the future value of the piece.

The only case in which you (or rather a professional) should clean a coin is when it has a residue from a polychloride vinyl holder (PVC) holder. These can sometimes leave a green film on the coin’s surface, which will need to be cleaned off using chemicals.

Avoid using metal polish

It can be tempting to polish your coins when you bring them home from auction. Just like with cleaning, this is not a good idea. Most polishes contain an abrasive chemical that will ruin the luster of the coin and break down its features. If you do end up taking them to a professional, make sure they pat or air-dry them.

Do not handle your coins

Touching your coins with bare hands may not seem dangerous, but it can reduce the value of these collectibles. You can separate them and place them in cases or holders, but only touch the edges while doing so. Be sure to wash your hands before as well. A professional should handle restorations if any are needed. If you need to move a coin, especially a mint condition one, keep it separated from others.

Store your coins properly

You should make sure to keep your coins stored the right way. This means placing them in the right holders. There are types of plastic that are safe for coins (PVC free or Mylar) as well as acid-free envelopes. Cardboard holders with Mylar plastic allow you to view these collectibles, but they aren’t airtight. Hard plastic containers are stronger and allow for full viewing, but they are more difficult to store. There are other options available as well.

You can place the coins in a book or box them up but do not put them in an area with moisture or inconsistent temperatures. Be sure to place your collection (no matter what it is stored in) somewhere that is safe from thieves.

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