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Bidding On A Budget At Antique Auctions

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Going to auctions is one of the best ways to get antiques at an affordable price, especially when bidding on a budget. It’s fun to engage in the auction process and exciting when you raise your paddle and give the winning bid. If there are specific items you’re interested in purchasing at auction, or you’re buying on a budget, bidding carefully is important.

Budgeting is important at antique auctions because it keeps you from getting caught up in the action and bidding more than you can afford. Always research auctions ahead of time to know what to expect when you arrive. Set a budget before going to an auction. You should also stay relaxed when attending antique auctions. These helpful tips will ensure you stay on budget and have a great experience at auction.

Research antique auctions before you arrive

Before the auction begins, check out the auction catalog or look online to see what antiques will be available. Make a note of items you’re interested in bidding on and see what their estimated value will be. Get a feel for how much you might be spending at the antique auction, as this will help you stay in the right budget. It is also a good idea to arrive early on the actual day of the auction to look at items in person.

You may be able to talk to the seller of the antiques and ask questions regarding authenticity and history. You may also see an item you really like that you didn’t notice in the catalog. Doing research before the antique auction can help you plan properly so you don’t miss out on something you desire or go off budget.

Set a budget before going to antique auctions

Setting a budget is one of the most important things to do before going to antique auctions. Having a budget makes bidding on antiques purposeful, which helps you save money and get the items you desire. Take into account any fees or taxes when you’re planning your budget. Make sure you’re getting a fair deal on antiques and that you’re not paying more than an item is worth. It may help to research items and find out their true value before heading to any antique auction, so you know you’re getting the best deal possible.

Stay relaxed when attending antique auctions

When it comes to antique auctions, the noise, excitement, and bidding sets the scene for a very intense event. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting a certain item, and before you know it, you’ve bid over your budget. Think carefully before bidding, and keep a list of items you wish to bid on along with your final price. You may want to include item numbers so you can keep track of the items and don’t miss anything. Bid carefully and with intent on each item, and if you miss out on something you truly wanted, you can always attend future antique auctions.

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