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Bidding, Buying And Business At Farm Auctions

Friday, July 10th, 2015

If you’re interested in a farm equipment auction but aren’t familiar with the process, here are some pointers. Before the auction, you’ll need to get registered and select the pieces you want to bid on. Pay attention because when the item hits the auction block, bidding may be fast. If you can’t attend the auction, you may be able to bid online or by phone. Immediately after you win, you’ll need to pay for your purchase and arrange to take it home. Whether you are looking for tractors, trucks, implements, graders or towing equipment, be prepared so you don’t miss out on the farm equipment you want.

Get registered

Before you bid, you need a bidder number. Once you you arrive at the auction come to our office trailer to get registered and be assigned your bidder number. If applicable, don’t forget to bring your tax exempt number with you when you register. You’ll also need a photo ID such as your drivers license. Depending on what you’re going to purchase, you may also need to bring a letter of credit or bank authorization. If you’re planning on purchasing a large, expensive piece of farm equipment, call ahead of time to make arrangements and ensure you have the documentation you need on the day of the auction.

Pick your purchase

Not sure what you’re buying yet? Get to the auction early to scope out what’s available and begin making some decisions on what you’ll bid on. This saves time and ensures faster bidding. Think about what your bidding budget is while you’re looking at the equipment up for auction. You may even have a few backup options in mind just in case you don’t win the piece of equipment you desire.

The action of the auction

Once you’re at the auction itself, make sure you arrive a few minutes before start time. One by one, the auctioneer will call out the items and wait for bids. If you’re bidding on an item, the bid catcher will let the auctioneer know, and other bids will come in until the bidding is complete. At this time, the auctioneer will let the audience know the item has been sold and another item will come up for auction. This process can happen quickly, so pay attention to the bids as they rise and make sure to get your bids in before the item closes.

When you win

You won all the items you wanted! Now what? Head to the checkout at our office trailer to pay for your items, which must be done directly after the close of the farm equipment auction. You have a certain grace period to remove your items from the auction house once you’ve made your payment, but it’s more convenient to pick up your equipment right then and there. If it’s at all possible, come to the auction ready to load up your new purchases and take them home with you.

Absentee auctioning

Sometimes things in life just come up and you can’t make it to the auction. However, you still want to bid on the farm equipment you need. So what’s the solution? Luckily, there are two ways to bid without having to be at the auction in person. The first way is to call in your bid by phone at least a couple days before the auction. The second way is to bid online through programs such as Proxibid. Please check our website to make sure Proxibid will be offered for the farm equipment that you’re interested in. This type of program allows you to hear and see the items being bid on in real time. That way you can make your bids live while the auction is happening. Don’t miss out on the equipment you need just because you can’t get to the auction house the day of the auction. Be sure to contact the auction company prior to the auction to find out exactly what your options are.

For more information about auctions

Ready to get in on the excitement of farm equipment auctions? Contact High Plains Auctioneers at (806) 244-6776. Find out about upcoming auctions, how to arrange your own farm equipment auction, or how to register to bid at auctions. Check out our other pages for more details about auctions, including information about our company, how to sell your equipment, and all the latest auction news. Contact Us through email for convenient and quick answers to your questions. Happy bidding!