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An Estate Auction Can Be A Social Event

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Estate auctions have many of the same elements that you are already familiar with and most likely enjoy at garage sales. Your advertisement for this event should include some incentives. Have the estate auction outdoors, weather permitting, with plenty of food for your guests. These events can also be social when you enjoy things such as fresh air, fun, and finding those special items. With these tips, your estate auction can be a social event that people of all ages can enjoy!

Advertisement options for estate auctions

Using your local community as an example, it is easy to see how the neighborhood garage sale evolved into estate auctions. Offer incentives when advertising for these events. The better people know the family at the event, the more likely they are willing to bid. These events can help support neighborhoods and local communities, but more than that, they support families in need.

Have the estate auction outdoors

Weather permitting, hold the event outdoors. People like to feel free to roam about. If you want to promote your estate auction as a social event, treat it like one. Host it at a house in the neighborhood rather than an auction house. This will give things a relaxed and less formal feeling. People stay longer and spend more money when they are comfortable in an environment.

Include food at your estate auction

Think about the option of food. Some events include a luncheon, snack foods, lunch trailers, or vendor-specific stands. If potential buyers have to go elsewhere for food, their money and your transactions go with them. On-site food and beverage options will keep the buyers engaged in the bidding process for longer periods of time.

A social event

An estate auction is a great way to visit with your friends and neighbors while helping them liquidate their assets for other uses. These events can be a great time of friendly competition and bargain hunting. Also, these events are a great way to raise awareness, fundraise for a cause, or show support for neighbors and family.

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