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Affordable Auctions: Purchasing Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Not only is it cost effective to buy commercial restaurant equipment at auctions, but it’s easy too. However, there are a few things you need to consider before you place your bid. First, research used restaurant equipment. This research will help you when examining your potential purchase. Next, ask questions before you bid on these items. Finally, examine your equipment carefully and have transportation ready. You will be responsible for moving your own items.

Research used restaurant equipment before the auction

Many types of commercial restaurant items are auctioned. The most popular pieces include commercial refrigerators, gas cooking equipment, and commercial sinks. If you want to win an auction, make sure to do research on these products. Restaurant owners who have been in business for a long time already know the ins and outs of buying equipment and may outbid you.

Though older commercial restaurant pieces may be tempting due to their affordable prices, avoid buying something that is out of date. These pieces will have more problems and need more repairs than a newer one that is still in good condition.

Ask questions before you bid at the auction

You need to ask lots of questions before you buy used restaurant equipment at an auction. For instance, why are the items on sale? Was the sale due to a restaurant failing? What kind of shape are the auction items in? You need to find out how old the commercial restaurant items are. If the pieces are new and only being sold due to a restaurant failing, it’s a good purchase. Especially, if the items are up to today’s current safety codes. Check to ensure that the auction item meets today’s safety standards before you buy it.

Examine your equipment carefully and have transportation ready

It may seem obvious, but you need to examine and inspect the commercial restaurant equipment carefully before you bid. This inspection is where your research comes in. If you know what you are looking for, you will know what the restaurant items are supposed to look like.

Check to see what problems the items may have. Since there is no warranty, all commercial restaurant items are sold ‘as is’ at an auction. You must make any repairs yourself. If the item needs repairs, determine if the cost of repairs is worth the affordable equipment prices.

Next, consider the voltage of the items and make sure your space is comparable with the voltage. Sometimes, at auction, commercial restaurant pieces are sold that have a higher amount of voltage than most restaurants need. You may not be able to use equipment that works at 440 volts instead of the more common 240 volts.

Skip electric cooking equipment. Generally, electric items have more problems than gas. These problems are due to the large number of pieces and parts that can have issues and need repair. Avoid purchasing deep fat fryers in general. These deep fat fryers have a higher failure rate than other types of commercial kitchen equipment. Purchasing gas equipment is a better deal. Gas pieces last longer and have fewer problems in the long run than electric.

Make sure when you arrive for auction that you have a sufficient means to get your commercial restaurant equipment back to your space. You will be responsible for hauling your own items. So you will need a trailer, truck, or other large vehicle to leave with the restaurant equipment you have purchased.

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