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Advantages Of Selling Your Home At Auction

Monday, May 8th, 2017
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Selling your home can be a stressful process. Choosing an asking price, keeping the house ready to show, and negotiating a selling price are just some of the difficult steps in selling a home. Fortunately for those looking to sell their properties, there is another option. Selling your home at auction ensures that you will receive the best price and avoid paying expensive carrying costs. You can sell your home with little effort and within a short period of time if you choose to put it up for auction. Read on to learn more about the benefits you will receive if you choose to sell your home at auction.

Sell for a great price

Most homeowners want to get as much money as possible when selling their home. The purchase price can vary depending on the amount asked by the seller, the broker’s estimate, and negotiations that occur after an offer is made. Selling your house at auction eliminates most of these hassles and opportunities to lose money. There is no “ceiling” placed on the property’s price when you auction your home. Instead of having buyers negotiate down from the listing price, the offers will steadily increase at a live auction.

The traditional sale process requires that you consider only one offer at a time, while an auction allows for several buyers to compete. Each person interested in purchasing your home will have the opportunity to bid. Some homeowners even choose to set a minimum price for their home. This means that if the bidding results in an unsatisfactory price, you do not have to sell.

Avoid carrying costs

Homeowners not only have the potential to make more money by selling at auction, they avoid expensive carrying or “holding” costs. Home sales often take several months, and during this time, the seller must pay the mortgage, bills, taxes, and insurance. The carrying costs can amount to thousands of dollars. Prolonged selling periods can mean months of cleaning, storage rental fees, and other costs. Selling your property at auction will limit these carrying costs, as you are able to sell your home much faster. As the seller, you get to determine the date of the auction and set the terms of the sale.

More information on real estate auctions

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