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7 Tips For Selling Your Items In An Auction Catalog

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

If you have decided to sell something at auction, you need to get people’s attention and interest in your product. Filling out a listing for an auction item will require you to describe what you are selling. An auction catalog gives you the chance make people want to learn more and possibly buy your items.

You don’t want to use just one word to describe what you are selling. This one word will get lost in the listing of other products and not encourage anyone to bid. The following tips will help you enhance your item descriptions in an auction catalog to make them attention grabbing and effective.

Describe the condition of your items in the auction catalog

Be honest when you describe your item or property. You do not have to list every negative detail about your auction items, but be sure to include important information. Make sure you include any issues that are noticeable or will affect the use of your items in the auction catalog. If the defect does not affect the performance, this should also be noted. If there are missing parts or pieces, this should be detailed as well.

List out important and useful features

Once you have described the condition of your auction items or property, talk about its features. You can tell the buyer how they can use the item by describing an actual situation so they can visualize themselves using it. For each feature your product has, you should list a corresponding benefit. Be sure to use words and phrases that will ignite a prospective bidder’s interest in your section of the auction catalog.

Include unique points about each item in the auction catalog

If there is something that makes your items stand out from others in the auction catalog, list their unique points out in detail. Use phrases such as limited edition, signed, owned by someone famous, or anything applicable to your unique items. However, you must be honest about these claims and be able to prove them.

Use proper grammar in the auction catalog

It is of utmost importance that you use proper grammar and spelling when you describe your item in an auction catalog. Your description should also flow smoothly so it is easy to read. Proofread your information a couple of times to make sure it makes sense. Spell checker programs on computers are easy to use and are highly suggested to make sure your description is error free and easy to read.

List the bad first and the good second

If there are any negative points about your product or property, list them first. Be honest and get anything bad out of the way first so you can move on to the good qualities of your items. When you list all of the benefits each feature has, prospective bidders may not care about any of the bad features. More time should be spent on describing the good qualities of your auction items.

Bullet points versus full descriptions in an auction catalog

Sellers can use either bullet points or write out full descriptions in an auction catalog. The choice comes down to the seller’s preference when deciding which type of writing style to use. Some have found mixing bullet points with fuller descriptions works well in attracting bidders to their items.

Hire expert auctioneers

Writing a good description in an auction catalog to attract bidders will take effort. If you don’t include enough information about your items, you will only get dissatisfied bidders or no sales at all. Hiring experts to help you auction your items can give you the best results possible.

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