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5 Ideas For Live Auction Items

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Always wanted to participate in the live action of an auction, but aren’t sure what to sell? Start by assessing your belongings and keepsakes. Determine which items may garner high bids, netting you a profit and cleaning out your garage or storage space at the same time. Some popular ideas for live auction items include antiques, artwork, jewelry, equipment, and real estate.


Valuable antiques are always in demand at a live auction, especially collectible pieces like Tiffany lamps, rare coins, one-of-a-kind items, and anything you may consider high-demand. High-demand items will make the most money at a live auction. It’s a good idea to have your antiques looked at by an appraiser to determine whether or not they are authentic (such as antique furniture or old weapons). This appraisal will help you get an idea of how much the items are worth.


Artwork is considered one of the cornerstones of the live auction world. Valuable artwork is always a great seller, especially if you have come across something rare and unique. Original paintings, prints by famous artists, and commissions are great pieces to bring to auctions, as well as any pieces that may have historical value. Some of the biggest sellers in this industry were paintings by Basquiat, Warhol, Pollock, and Monet.


Sparkling jewels are another popular live auction item. Jewelry that is in great shape will make more money for you, especially if the pieces are vintage, worn by a celebrity, or have some special significance. Of course, you can sell everyday pieces if they are authentic, antique, or include unique gemstones. Designer jewelry from famous jewelry houses like Tiffany, Van Cleef, and Arpels may be bigger sellers at an auction.


Have some old farm equipment that’s sitting in your barn gathering dust? If the pieces are still in working condition, there is a large market for farm equipment at live auctions. Since farm equipment is so costly, farmers come to auction to get used equipment for affordable prices. Restaurant equipment is another great item to sell. If you have commercial ovens, refrigerators, tables, or tools, these items may be sold to another restaurant owner looking to build their new business for a lower cost. Make sure your equipment has been cleaned and checked thoroughly for any defects. You must list any defects in the equipment when you go to sell the items.

Real estate

Selling real estate at a live auction is very popular. Fetch the highest price available for your commercial, investment, or residential property. Meet with the auction house beforehand to determine the qualifications for listing your property for auction. You must be prepared to divulge details about the property including any liens against it.

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