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4 Tips To Follow Before Attending A Gun Auction

Thursday, August 10th, 2017
Antique gun auctions in texas

Local auctions are one of the best places to purchase a gun for a great price. You will find solid hunting rifles, military surplus guns, and antique firearms at many auction houses. Gun auctions are a great option for those trying to stay within a budget. Although there are a ton of great deals, some will be trash and others treasure. You must do your research and be prepared in order to score a great deal. Following the four tips below can help you be successful at a gun auction.

Arrive at the gun auction early

One of the best things you can do to set yourself up for success is to arrive at the gun auction early. This will give you plenty of time to register and find a good place to sit or stand during the bidding. Arriving early will also allow you to conduct a brief inspection of any items you are interested in purchasing.

Know the rules

You should have a firm grasp on the rules of the auction house before you attend the event. Buyers should call ahead or look for rules on the company’s website before attending the gun auction. Auction houses will have rules on the sale of firearms as well. To sell a gun at auction, the company has to have a Federal Firearms License. All normal rules associated with the sale of firearms elsewhere will apply. Additional rules may be imposed, so find out what those rules are before selling or bidding.

Bring cash to the gun auction

Some companies accept checks or debit cards, but most purchases are paid for using cash. Set a limit and bring the cash you are willing to spend. If you overbid and don’t have enough cash with you, you can run into some serious problems. Doing research ahead of time can help you get an idea about typical prices for many types of guns, which can help you set a budget.

Bring reference materials

Some gun auctions offer fairly rare pieces. You will also run into guns that are nearly valueless. You need to have reference materials with you so that you clearly understand the value of a gun before you bid. These materials can save you money on poor quality pieces and tip you off to the great guns. You can store reference materials on your phone. The Blue Book of Gun Values is a valuable tool and a long-time reference for collectors. You can access the information the book provides online for a fee or purchase a copy of the book.

If you are a gun collector or you are interested in starting a collection, live auctions are the best place to find the pieces you need. The experience of an auction is worthwhile and can be rewarding if you prepare ahead of time. For more information about how to purchase guns at auction, contact the experts at High Plains Auctioneers today at (806) 244-6776. You can also Contact Us by email to learn more about buying and selling at auction. Don’t forget to view our Upcoming Auctions to see what we have available!