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3 Ways You Can Bid At A Used Car Auction

Friday, December 28th, 2018
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If you are looking to buy a used car at a great price, you should consider attending an auction. If you think you don’t have time to go to auctions, there are options available for you to bid that may fit your busy schedule better. These are three of the methods available for you to bid on a used car.

Bidding before the auction

If you’ve looked over the used vehicles coming up for auction, and found one that you like, you can place a pre-auction bid. Pre-auction bidding is an excellent option for those who can’t make it to the event. This is usually done by phone.

Before bidding, determine the most you want to spend on the vehicle and then place your maximum bid before the auction. A max bid does not mean you will have to pay that amount. For example, if your top bid is $5,000 and the bidding ends at $4,000, you pay only the $4,000.

Before placing your max bid, check with the auctioneer to see what they feel the bidding will start at on the vehicle you’ve chosen. If you are only offering what will be a starting bid, you may need to reconsider your choice or max amount.

Old-fashioned bidding

It’s fun to sit in front of your computer and try to hit the enter button just at the right time to win an online bid. But for some people, that thrill doesn’t beat the excitement of a live auction. Attending an auction and participating with live bidders has many benefits.

When you attend an auction in person, you get a close-up view of what you’re bidding on and who you’re bidding against. You have the chance to make sure the vehicle is exactly what you want. Getting a view from every angle might make the bidding more exciting when you discover what a great deal you’ll be getting.

Bidding online

If you have shopped online for any item, you know how easy it can be to find what you want. Buying a used car through an online auction is just as easy as any other purchase. Online auctions are great for you if time is a problem because you don’t have to be a at specific place at a designated time.

The used car online auction process takes away some of the impulse buying bidders experience at live auctions. When you bid online, you can remain focused and get exactly what you want from a used car. However, you will not be able to see or inspect the car as easily.

Tips for buying a used car at any auction

Before you bid at a used car auction, whether online or in person, you need to understand what is available. Look through the catalog or listings of vehicles coming up for sale and choose one that fit your needs. Then, check the online to find out its value. The listing found there will give you a good base to know how to bid on your choice.

Find out as much as you can about the vehicle’s history. Ask if there have been changes to the original model and whether or not it’s been in an accident. Be sure to conduct a bit of research on your choice so there are no unpleasant surprises once you’ve won the auction.

Check if the vehicle has a clear title that will be given to you as soon as you’ve paid for the used car. Knowing a clear title will be presented tells you the car has not been stolen and the owner isn’t hiding other information.

If you’re attending the used car auction in person, you have to remember these sales are fast paced. You need to have a budget in mind before you start bidding and make sure to stick to that amount. The bidding process is fun and many find themselves caught up in the flurry and spending more than they can afford.

Used car auctions in Texas

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