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3 Tips For Bidding At A Silent Auction

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Many interesting items can be found at silent auction fundraisers. Silent auctions offer everything from autographed collectibles to gift baskets with gift cards and wine. How can you walk away from your next charity event’s silent auction with a great prize? There are a few tactics you can employ to be successful at a silent auction. These tactics include viewing the prizes carefully, competing honestly, and monitoring the final bids. If you follow these silent auction bidding tips, you can find a great deal and have a great time.

View the prizes carefully

Your first step at a silent auction will be to walk around the displays and find which items are enticing to you. Be selective and settle on a few items you would really like to win. Designate preferences so that you can focus on one or two items and ensure you monitor bidding adequately. Stay alert and wait as others place the first several bids. Consider how popular your choices are. Are bids rising quickly? If the bids soar past your budget, make a decision as to which item is more important and where you are willing to spend more.

Compete honestly

Some events may not provide a written list of procedures and rules. Make it your own rule to practice courtesy and to never forget the charitable cause for which you are attending the event. A charitable auction is never the place to become aggressive or ruthless in order to gain a prize. Honest behavior includes never moving or relocating an item, never altering another’s bid, and understanding your obligation to carry out the purchase if you win.

Monitor the final bids

The deadline for final bidding will probably be announced 10 to 15 minutes before the auction ends. Timing is very important during a silent auction. Try not to appear too eager, but remain close enough to your desired items to swoop in and pen the last winning bid. Unfortunately, there are sure to be other experts in the room who are better at timing that final bid. Understand that whether you win or lose, there are other silent auction opportunities. Remember that the charity and the beneficiaries of the proceeds should be the ultimate winners.

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